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To support, develop and promote dance through creation, artistic collaboration and practice and to preserve and disseminate Indian dance and culture in Nova Scotia and across Canada.

The mandate of Atlantic Spinners Art and Dance society is to create, practice and showcase art and dance; to preserve Indian Classical and folk dances through dance instructions and the exploration of art and its role in history; to produce, present and participate in cultural and community performing and other arts events featuring dance and other forms of art; to perform and present our collaborative work at national and international platforms; to provide services to the community, especially immigrants, mothers with young kids,  mentally and physically challenged and other underprivileged community members through dance and art therapy.


  • To support the development of dance through the creation and artistic collaboration;

  • To promote and showcase Indian culture through dance instructions and the exploration of art and its role in history;

  • To maintain Indian classical and folk dances with their original techniques

  • To provide services for the mentally and physically disabled through art and dance therapy;

  • To organize cultural and community performing arts events featuring dance;

  • To perform and present our collaborative work at a provincial, national and international events.




Mahnaz Sobhani - Board of Director 


After receiving her art degree in Cadiz, Spain, in 1984; Mahnaz has embraced painting in her everyday lifestyle. All of Mahnaz's paintings are a reflection of what she's feeling inside. Mahnaz finds most of her inspiration through nature and loves travelling the World. She attributes travel to why so many different cultural elements play such a huge role and influence in her painting style. Mahnaz also loves photography because of how well it captures special moments to which she then translates into a painting.


Mahnaz is involved in many art activities. She regularly does live paintings and is involved with painting for International Human Rights Day and International Women's day.


Mahnaz is the directer of the Art gallery of Humami-T and a member of Art 4  unity

And Atlantic spinners


Darshini Shah - Board of Director

Vice President

I am a house maker, a wife and a mother of two. I am a dance instructor, choreographer and performer of few styles of Indian Dances. I am owner of ‘ViBeat Dance Studio’.


I graduated in Dance as well as have a university degree in home science. I have worked as a radio presenter and event anchor in India. After moving to Toronto in 2010, I started working as Interpreter and Translator. During all these years, I kept practicing, performing and teaching dance. After moving to Nova Scotia, I adopted dance as my main profession. 

I take dance workshops in schools, events and community centers. I perform at different platforms, mainly to show integrity among communities.


Priyanka Kakkar - Board of Directors


  • Digital Marketer with more than 14+ years of experience in digital marketing.

  • Artist in Making

  • Mother of 8 years old beautiful daughter her biggest strength and supporter, 

  • Wife to a very patient IT geeky husband, 

  • an awesome combination of Analytics and Creativity. 

  • Loves to paint and see everything with her creative eye :) and that's why beliefs in the ASADS mission.

Now Owns a digital marketing company - Digiaccel here in Halifax and Supports/Helps ASADS and other passionate businesses with her knowledge and experience to achieve their dream growth online !!

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Humayra Khan - Board Member

Secretary of ASADS

  • A young finance professional and the mom of a 4-year old. Born and raised in Bangladesh and immigrated to Canada with family in 2017.

  • Passionate about singing, dancing, crafting, and painting. 

  • volunteering Atlantic spinners to give back to the community.

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Chetna Mehta: Board Member 


  • A dance enthusiast, Chetna is a board member of Atlantic Spinners Art and Dance society. She believes dance is a form of poetry, an interplay of rhythm & steps.  She hopes that by learning different forms of dance she would be able to express herself more artistically. She understands the importance of art in life. To support art practices in the community, she is serving the organization as a board member.

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